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programming is my outlet of creativity

Hello, I’m Daniel (26, ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช) and currently studying Computer Science at the Technical University Darmstadt ๐Ÿ‘‹

I started learning programming at the young age of 9 years, and ever since, writing software has been my passion and favorite hobby. Sinking countless hours into a million pet projects over many years just for fun. Computer Science and Programming are like a never-ending playground of new and exciting stuff to explore and learn.

There is always a new language to try, a new paradigm to learn, a new technology to explore, and problems that need a simple solutionโ€ฆ and from each new input, however unconnected they might be, there is always a possibility to learn something that will later on help in writing simpler and ultimately better code.

I’m interested in

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Open Source Projects

Thermal Printer as D&D Utility. With Sales & Dungeons you can create highly customizable handouts, quick reference and much more for your Dungeons and Dragons (or other PnP) Sessions. Most Thermal Printer are small in size and can be taken with you and kept right at the gaming table. Use-cases range from printing out magic items, spells or a letter that the group found to little character sheets of your players to use as DM note. The possibilities are nearly endless!


  • Over 350 stars on Github
  • Featured on Hackaday
  • Multiple top-posts in TTRPG related Subreddits

ramen is a simple console emulator written in go that can be used to create various ascii / text (roguelike) games. It’s based on the great ebiten library and inspired by libraries like libtcod.

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