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My printer isn't printing the full paper width, what to do?

The default printing width in S&D is set for 58mm printers. Just go to the settings and increase the printer width. See Tested Printer for common values. Rule of thumb is:

  • 58mm: 384
  • 80mm: 504 - 576

My printer is randomly stopping half way through printing, what to do?

Try enabling Explicit Initialization and / or Force Standard Mode in the settings and unplugging (not just using the on/off switch) your printer for a few seconds until all LEDs are out between changing the settings.

Windows: Multiple Devices

It was reported that in some cases a printer might be registered twice in the Device Manager. Removing the device should fix problems.

My printer is only printing gibberish characters, what to do?

Try enabling image chunking in the settings with a value of 200 or 100. If that doesn't fix it try the steps in the question before.

I'm getting a Trojan warning on Windows, what's going on?

This is a false positive triggered by a library that S&D uses. In newer versions of S&D the related component was disabled and trojan warnings should not occur anymore.

I'm getting 'RAW USB Printing' errors, what to do?

If you get errors like Error: printer wasn't able to print: libusb: bad access [code -3] or Error: printer wasn't able to print: not supported [code -12] this can be related to other drivers interfering or S&D not having enough privilege's. You can try:

  • Running S&D as Admin (Windows) or sudo (Mac, Linux)
  • Switching the USB port and re-selecting it on the Device page
  • Try using Direct Printing (Windows) or CUPS (Mac, Linux)

Getting strange libusb errors, what to do?

If you get errors like handle_events: error: libusb: interrupted [code -10] and don't need 'Raw USB Printing' try downloading the gui instead of gui-usb version of S&D.